Controlling personal tasks

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Controlling personal tasks

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Controlling personal tasks

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title Controlling Personal Tasks
authors Grigori Grabovoi
publisher Independently Published
publishedDate 2019-05-14
description You need to track the action of the Soul very clearly here, that your Soul always solves your tasks. And the reverse mechanism of obtaining knowledge is very clearly seen, that is, you can see here very specifically how the Soul solves the tasks. After all, God, who has control of all reality, He always decides something, it turns out to be even logically, and it goes so. Consequently, God solves by the Soul after all, because man by analogy solves the problem in the first place by the Soul. After all, why I said "because", because we can make analogies, based on the fact, that the plan of as if personal tasks is the level of control, which we understand as the necessity for the solution.
pageCount 38
printType BOOK
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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