Controlling the Goals

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Controlling the Goals

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Controlling the Goals

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title Controlling the Goals
authors Grigori Grabovoi
publisher Independently Published
publishedDate 2019-01-30
description And when you begin to cognize this level, that is, to see the depth of this process, that is, where your Soul is so deep that it reaches the action of God, and where it recognizes God, right?.. then you begin to see that the thought of your Soul, that is, precisely thinking or the sound form of interaction between your Soul and the outer reality, is the level of the implementation of you as a personality. And your goal is determined initially not only, for example, well, say, by some personal motive, right?.. here it is necessary to see the outer motive of the goal.
pageCount 46
printType BOOK
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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