1The Cheating Wife

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1The Cheating Wife

David Stone

ISBN10: B0794Y35XD


1The Cheating Wife

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Rob and Kelly’s friend Martin is distressed. His wife left him for her boss and he’s in pain. As Martin shares his story, discoveries come to light to reveal his troubles go deeper than losing his wife.

He doesn’t know how to love a woman.

Kelly and Rob, who have issues of their own, might have a solution to everyone’s problem. Though deeply in love, their marriage has lost its fire. Could Martin be the key to getting it back?

Though it’s risky, Kelly and Rob have a plan. They'll fix their marriage by teaching Martin how to please a woman and find true happiness for himself. Kelly’s never cheated before, but could she do it to fix her marriage?

The Cheating Wife is part of The Wife Chronicles, a collection of standalone, thematically linked stories investigating the perils and humorous adventures of smart couples finding their happy-ever-afters.

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