Word Savvy Handbook: Use the Right Word

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Word Savvy Handbook: Use the Right Word

Nancy Rango

ISBN10: 1733928707

ISBN13: 978-1733928700

Word Savvy Handbook: Use the Right Word

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title Word Savvy Handbook
subtitle Use the Right Word
authors Nancy Ragno
publisher Baneberry Books
publishedDate 2019-05-08
description WRITERS: Do questions like these interrupt your writing, bringing you to a temporary halt while you check the Internet for answers?Which word do I want, affect or effect? ... empathy or sympathy? ... imply or infer?Is this the correct meaning for nonplussed? ... peruse? ... gourmand?What's wrong with alot? ... alright? ... heartwrenching? ... diligency?Is "could care less" the correct expression? ... What about "for all intensive purposes"? What is the plural of hypothesis? ... Maddox? ... secretary general? ... teaspoonfuI?Which is the correct spelling: absence or absense? ... cemetery or cemetary? ... scary or scarey?NOW -- the answers to all you word-choice questions are available at your fingertips. (No Internet required.)WORD SAVVY HANDBOOK is the easy, quick reference you need to clear those pesky, reoccurring roadblocks to efficient writing. At the flip of a page, you'll find the answers to:* WORDS COMMONLY CONFUSED* WORDS COMMONY MISUSED* NON-WORDS & INCORRECT EXPRESSIONS* TRICKY SINGULARS & PLURALS* THE MOST COMMON SPELLING DEMONS IN ENGLISHWhat's more - WORD SAVVY HANDBOOK helps you remember the correct answer with:* DICTIONARY DEFINITIONS* EXAMPLE SENTENCES, including quotes from such diversified personages as Mae West, Winston Churchill, & William Shakespeare.* MEMORY TRICKS * SELF-QUIZZES with exercises that are informative, interesting, fun.Entries are in alphabetical order, cross-referenced, and indexed, making them easy to find. Keep your WORD SAVVY HANDBOOK handy whenever you write.You'll wonder how you ever wrote without it.
pageCount 294
printType BOOK
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en
canonicalVolumeLink https://books.google.com/books/about/Word_Savvy_Handbook.html?hl=&id=zWZIxQEACAAJ

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