Cognitive Linguistics: A Complete Guide

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Cognitive Linguistics: A Complete Guide

Vyvyan Evans

ISBN10: 1781792496

ISBN13: 978-1781792490

Cognitive Linguistics: A Complete Guide

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Vyvyan Evans covers all aspects of the relationship between language and mind, as well as applications and extensions of cognitive linguistics to the study of text, literature, discourse, and society.

Bursting with new content and presented in a new 5-part structure, the book has been fully revised and extensively updated throughout to deliver the complete guide to the cognitive linguistic enterprise. Brand new additions include: an innovative new chapter exploring key topics in language science, a new chapter introducing the range of research methods and approaches for studying human language, mind and behaviour and new chapters exploring areas such as access semantics and meaning construction, conceptual structure, the nature of space, time, gesture and sign language.

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title Semantics
subtitle A Cognitive Account of Linguistic Meaning
authors Zeki Hamawand
publisher Equinox Publishing (Indonesia)
publishedDate 2015-09-01
description This volume is a comprehensive introduction to the study of the meaning of linguistic expressions in English: words and sentences. In conducting the analysis, it draws on two sources. First, it relies on the assumptions of Cognitive Linguistics, which describes language as being non-modular, symbolic, usage-based, meaningful and creative. Second, it hinges on the assumptions of Cognitive Semantics, which describes meaning as being embodied, motivated, dynamic, encyclopaedic and conceptualised. It explicates these assumptions clearly and applies them to diverse areas of language. Ultimately, it enables students to recognise the complexity of the English linguistic system, and trains them to solve the intricate puzzles characterising its nature.
pageCount 224
printType BOOK
categories Cognitive grammar
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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