Transformations: Poems

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Transformations: Poems

by Amanda Golden (Editor)

ISBN10: B07K8TCY21


Transformations: Poems

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One of America's most influential women writers, Anne Sexton has long been overshadowed by fellow confessional poets Sylvia Plath and Robert Lowell and is seldom featured in literary criticism. This volume reassesses Sexton and her poetry for the first time in two decades and offers directions for future Sexton scholarship. Mapping Sexton’s influence on twenty-first-century cultural contexts, these essays emphasize her continuing vitality.

Contributors: Jeanne Marie Beaumont | Jeffery Conway | Jo Gill | Amanda Golden | Christopher Grobe | Anita Helle | Kamran Javadizadeh | Dorothea Lasky | Kathleen Ossip | David Trinidad | Victoria Van Hyning

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