The Ten Commandments of Comedy

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The Ten Commandments of Comedy

Gene Perret

ISBN10: 1610351258

ISBN13: 978-1610351256

The Ten Commandments of Comedy

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Beginning comedy writers and performers may think funny can't be taught, but legendary comedy writer Gene Perret, winner of three Emmy Awards, tells otherwise in this guide to what makes a good joke work. Outlining the 10 commandments of comedy, the unbreakable rules that every gag must follow in order to be funny, this book liberates readers and allows them to immediately begin writing better and funnier comedy material. By following Perret's commandments, readers will better understand how to write jokes that connect with audiences and discover why unsuccessful material isn't working and how it can be fixed. From the First Commandment (""Thou Shalt Surprise"") to the Tenth (""Thou Shalt Be Clever""), this work stands as a fast guide to the essentials of humor that is perfect for business presenters, after-dinner speakers, professional comedians, and anyone who wants to be funny.

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title The Ten Commandments of Comedy
authors Gene Perret
publisher Linden Pub
publishedDate 2013
description The Emmy Award-winning television writer and producer behind such top-rated shows as All in the Family, The Carol Burnett Show and Welcome Back, Kotter outlines essential principles for comedic writing while sharing advice for correcting unsuccessful material, covering topics ranging from connecting with audiences to enabling spontaneity.
pageCount 64
printType BOOK
categories Humor
averageRating 3
ratingsCount 1
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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