The Philosophy of Rhetoric (Galaxy Books)

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The Philosophy of Rhetoric (Galaxy Books)

I. A. Richards

ISBN10: 0195007158

ISBN13: 978-0195007152

The Philosophy of Rhetoric (Galaxy Books)

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title The Philosophy of Rhetoric
authors Ivor Armstrong Richards
publisher Oxford University Press on Demand
publishedDate 1965
description In this in-depth work, Richards defines rhetoric as the study of misunderstanding and its remedies. Focusing on how words work in discourse, he examines the interaction of words with each other and with their contexts, demonstrating how a continual synthesis of meaning - or "principle of metaphor" - gives life to discussion. He also argues that we can better control and animate our use of words, and therefore decrease misunderstanding, by comprehending the way meaning changes in discourse.
pageCount 138
printType BOOK
categories History
averageRating 4
ratingsCount 1
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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