Entanglement: The Secret Lives of Hair by Emma Tarlo

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Entanglement: The Secret Lives of Hair by Emma Tarlo

Ema tarlo

ISBN10: 1780749929

ISBN13: 978-1780749921

Entanglement: The Secret Lives of Hair by Emma Tarlo

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"An engrossing investigation of hair that will engage readers who enjoyed Mary Roach's Stiffed."
—Library Journal

When it’s not attached to your head, your very own hair takes on a disconcerting quality. Suddenly, it is strange. And yet hair finds its way into all manner of unexpected places, far from our heads, including cosmetics, clothes, ropes, personal and public collections, and even food. Whether treated as waste or as gift, relic, sacred offering or commodity in a billion-dollar industry for wigs and hair extensions, hair has many stories to tell.

Collected from Hindu temples and Buddhist nunneries and salvaged by the strand from waste heaps and the combs of long-haired women, hair flows into the industry from many sources. Entering this strange world, Emma Tarlo travels the globe, tracking its movement across India, Myanmar, China, Africa, the United States, Britain and Europe, where she meets people whose livelihoods depend on hair. Viewed from inside Chinese wig factories, Hindu temples and the villages of Myanmar, or from Afro hair fairs, Jewish wig parlours, fashion salons and hair loss clinics in Britain and the United States, hair is oddly revealing of the lives of all it touches.

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title Entanglement
subtitle The Secret Lives of Hair
authors Emma Tarlo
publisher Oneworld
publishedDate 2016
description When no longer attached to the head, human hair is disconcerting. Whether it's being harvested in Indian temples, crafted into wigs in China or sold as extensions in the United States, hair is part of a hidden but expanding global trade most of us know nothing about. A commodity entangled in religion, politics and cultural identity, it finds second lives in wigs, toupees, rope, embroidery, paintbrushes, fertiliser and proteins. But what happens when different hair worlds collide? Entanglement is a fascinating look at the intimate stories that connect the lives of people with different aspirations and needs in distant parts of the world. Anthropologist Emma Tarlo unveils the secret global journeys of hair as she traces its paths through India, Myanmar, Africa, the United States and Europe and investigates the wide range of meanings hair has for us. A fascinating look inside a little-known industry, this book ensures you will never look at hair in quite the same way again.
pageCount 407
printType BOOK
categories History
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en
canonicalVolumeLink https://books.google.com/books/about/Entanglement.html?hl=&id=9jsojwEACAAJ

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