Plato: Critical Assessments (4 volumes)

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Plato: Critical Assessments (4 volumes)

Nicholas D. Smith

ISBN10: 0415126053

ISBN13: 9780415126052

Plato: Critical Assessments (4 volumes)

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title Plato Critical Assessments
authors Nicholas D. Smith
publisher Psychology Press
publishedDate 1998
description The philosophy of Plato, universally acknowledged as the most important thinker of the Ancient World, is a major focus of contemporary attention - not only among philosophers, but also classicists and literary and political theorists. This set selects the best and most influential examples of Platonic scholarship published in English over the last fifty years, and adds translations of outstanding works published in other languages. It represents radically different scholarly approaches, and illuminates the key issues in the most hotly debated topics, including Plato's theory of the Forms and Platonic Erotics. It is especially concerned with the interpretations and major debates of philosophers of the Anglo-American schools over the last three decades.
pageCount 1366
printType BOOK
categories Philosophy
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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