An Introduction to Systematic Reviews

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An Introduction to Systematic Reviews

by David Gough (Author), Sandy Oliver (Author), James Thomas (Author)

ISBN10: 1473929431

ISBN13: 978-1473929432

An Introduction to Systematic Reviews

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Focused on actively using systematic review as method, An Introduction to Systematic Reviews provides clear, step-by-step advice on the logic and processes of systematic reviewing.

Stressing the importance of precision and accuracy, this practical text carefully balances a need for insightful theory with real-world pragmatism. The Second Edition features a new chapter on statistical synthesis and introduces a wide range of cutting-edge approaches to research synthesis, including text mining, living reviews, and new ideas in mixed methods reviews, such as qualitative comparative analysis.

Packed with examples from across the social sciences, this book helps students and researchers alike in turning systematic reviews into recommendations for policy and practice.

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title An Introduction to Systematic Reviews
authors David Gough
publishedDate 2017-03-25
description Easy to read and logically structured, this book is essential reading for anyone doing systematic reviews.
pageCount 344
printType BOOK
categories Social Science
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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