A Brief History of Korea 2

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A Brief History of Korea 2

Hyoung Sik Shin

ISBN10: 8973006193

ISBN13: 978-8973006199

A Brief History of Korea 2

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title A Brief History of Korea
authors 신형식
publisher Ewha Womans University Press
publishedDate 2005-01-01
description The Korean Nation was formed over a long period as ethnic groups migrated and interacted with each other in and around Manchuria and the Korean Peninsula. This is why Koreans constitute one of the oldest people in Asia and pride themselves of a long tradition and rich cultural heritage. As a peninsular state, Korea has both continental and oceanic characteristics. Its culture is a unique amalgamation of foreign influences, as its geographical location constantly exposed it to contacts with not only China, but with countries to the north, south and west of China as well. In ancient times, Korea was a power in East Asia and once ruled much of Manchuria. The kingdom of Goguryeo was successful in repelling the aggression of China's Sui Dynasty and Tang Dynasty, while the kingdom of Balhae ruled over a vast territory extending to the north as far as Siberia (Russian Maritime Territory). Throughout history, Korea not only developed a culture that is unique and distinguished from that of China, but also transmitted many elements of its culture to Japan.
pageCount 141
printType BOOK
categories Korea
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en
canonicalVolumeLink https://books.google.com/books/about/A_Brief_History_of_Korea.html?hl=&id=o-WlUd3cjh0C

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