The Failure of the Sexual Revolution

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The Failure of the Sexual Revolution

ISBN10: 1871871611

ISBN13: 978-1871871616

The Failure of the Sexual Revolution

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title The Failure of the Sexual Revolution
authors George Frankl
publisher Open Gate Press
publishedDate 1974
description The aims of the sexual revolution and the factors responsible for its failure are examined in this rerelease of a 1970's critical masterpiece. A discussion of European radicalism provides the foundation for understanding the underlying drives in society that led to this cultural phenomenon whose effects are still felt today. Connections between social oppression and sexual repression reveal why an attempt to change the one without changing the other was doomed to fail. The distortion and exploitation of the sexual revolution by a market-oriented society is explored along with a critique of the women's liberation movement.
pageCount 194
printType BOOK
categories Psychology
maturityRating MATURE
language en

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