Big or Little

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Big or Little

by Kathy Stinston (Author), Toni Goffe (Illustrator)

ISBN10: 1554516102

ISBN13: 978-1554516100

Big or Little

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A big favorite about being little, now available as a board book. It can be tough sometimes, trying to figure out if you’re a little kid or a big one. Putting your shoes on all by yourself means you’re big. But if you can’t get your shirt over your head, that must mean you’re still little! The child in this classic story by Kathy Stinson goes through the day wondering which activities mean you’re big, and which mean you’re little. Counting to 10? Definitely big! But can’t reach the cookies … certainly means little. Being big sure would be great … but being little is okay, too. Still in demand after 25 years, Big or Little? is back with a shorter text adapted for toddlers, and wonderfully imaginative new illustrations. Full of the everyday struggles and triumphs of growing up, this favorite story will resonate with pre-schoolers everywhere.

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title Big Or Little?
authors Kathy Stinson
publisher Annick Press
publishedDate 2014-01-09
description As he goes through the day, a little boy considers which activities make him feel big or little.
pageCount 24
printType BOOK
categories Juvenile Fiction
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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