Philosophy in Germany 1831-1933

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Philosophy in Germany 1831-1933

ISBN-10: 0521296463

ISBN10: 0521296463

ISBN13: 978-0521296465

Philosophy in Germany 1831-1933

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The hundred years covered by this book, from the death of Hegel to the establishment of the Third Reich, is often regarded as the heyday of German philosophy, of metaphysics in the grand style and of what J. S. Mill characterised as 'the German or a priori view of human knowledge'. Yet apart from selective attention to individual figures, such as Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Husserl or Heidegger, little is known by English-speaking philosophers of most of the animating concerns and continuing traditions of German philosophy of the time. This book sets out to present a detailed history of the period, adopting a thematic approach which emphasises the more distinctive German approach. It is hoped that the growing but piecemeal interest in German philosophy will be both stimulated and consolidated by this book, which should also interest individuals working in related areas such as the history of ideas, religious studies and the history of science.

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title Philosophy in Germany 1831-1933
authors Herbert Schn├Ądelbach
publisher CUP Archive
publishedDate 1984-06-14
description A detailed history of the heyday of German philosophy.
pageCount 265
printType BOOK
categories Philosophy
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