Tough-Minded Management

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Tough-Minded Management

Joe D. Batten (Author

ISBN10: B074F1665D


Tough-Minded Management

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In this book (originally published in 1963) author J. D. Batten, at the time himself the Chairman of the Board of a management consulting and human resources firm in Iowa, imparts sound advice and tips to aid managers and management in their important task of improving their effectiveness at all levels.

“The excellence of the book lies in the basic information it has to give to the relatively new manager.”—Personnel Psychology

“Must reading for anyone who thinks all management books are just a rehash of planning, organizing, staffing, controlling, etc....Especially recommended...”—NRHA Magazine

“A totally fresh description of how to turn MBO into a ‘living system’....practical and highly motivational.”—Buffalo Law Journal

“Many useful suggestions to offer the executive.”—West Coast Review of Books

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