The Psychology of Attraction Explained

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The Psychology of Attraction Explained

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The Psychology of Attraction Explained

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title The Psychology of Attraction Explained
subtitle Understand What Attracts People to Each Other
authors M. Farouk Radwan
publishedDate 2014-09-04
description Did you ever ask yourself any of these questions? why do people get attracted to each other? why people have different preferences for physical looks? Do women really care about money? Or do Men Prefer certain facial features? Do people really like those who look like them? Why do some people find you attractive while others don't?! Can your personality really make you more attractive? Do you have a chance if you are a short man? Can men find you attractive even if you have average looks? Why do women like bad boys? And do men really prefer slim women? Why do women need more time to develop emotions than men? Where do beauty standards come from? And can you really become more attractive without plastic surgery? The Answer to all of these questions and tens more of questions are found in the book, the psychology of physical attraction.
pageCount 112
printType BOOK
categories Interpersonal attraction
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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