Cognitive Modeling

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Cognitive Modeling

Jerome R. Busemeyer ,Adele Diederich

ISBN10: 0761924507

ISBN13: 978-0761924500

Cognitive Modeling

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Cognitive Modeling is the first book to provide students with an easy-to understand introduction to the basic methods used to build and test cognitive models. Authors Jerome R. Busemeyer and Adele Diederich answer many of the questions that researchers face when beginning work on cognitive models, such as the following: What makes a cognitive model different from conceptual or statistical models? How do you develop such a model? How can you derive qualitatively different predictions between two cognitive models? Focusing on a few key representations, the authors introduce a basic problem in each chapter, illustrate the concept with three examples, and end with a summary of general principles, making this book by far the most accessible cognitive modeling book on the market.

Key Features

  • Emphasizes modeling by presenting the tools needed to build a cognitive model, rather than simply reviewing existing models of cognition
  • Provides tutorial presentations of psychological, mathematical, statistical, and computational methods used in all areas of cognitive modeling
  • Includes detailed examples applied to real cognitive models published in the literature in a variety of areas, including recognition, categorization, decision making, and learning
  • Stresses the importance of designing the right conditions for evaluating models
  • Addresses the issues of individual differences in cognitive modeling head-on

Cognitive Modeling is ideal for students and researchers across the various domains of cognitive sciences, including perception, learning, decision making, and inference. It is intended for use in upper-level undergraduate and graduate courses such as Cognition/Cognitive Modeling, Cognitive Science, Cognitive Psychology, Quantitative Methods, and Mathematical Modeling in Psychology.

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title Cognitive Modeling
authors Jerome R. Busemeyer
publisher SAGE
publishedDate 2010
description Responding to an explosion of new mathematical and computational models used in the fields of cognitive science, this book provides simple tutorials concerning the development and testing of such models. The authors focus on a few key models, with a primary goal of equipping readers with the fundamental principles, methods, and tools necessary for evaluating and testing any type of model encountered in the field of cognitive science.
pageCount 211
printType BOOK
categories Psychology
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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