The History of Theater in Iran

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The History of Theater in Iran

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The History of Theater in Iran

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title The History of Theater in Iran
authors Willem M. Floor
publisher Mage Pub
publishedDate 2005
description Although most people do not speak of theatre and Iran in the same breath, dramatic expression has always been a fixture of Iranian culture. In traditional Iranian theatre, there was no real difference between high and low culture, although artists attached to the royal court and sponsored by the rich tended to be more competent than those who performed for the public at large. With the exception of religious and narrative drama, written texts were seldom used. The artists whether comedian, mime, puppeteer, elegist or storyteller performed both in public and private spaces. The arrival of European theatre, with its reliance on a written text and normative rather than improvisatory acting, was part of the modernisation process in Iran. European theatre was introduced to the country in 1878, enjoyed a hey-day in the early years of the twentieth century, and has experienced many ups-and-downs since then. Today, it once again enjoys great popularity. At the same time, traditional theatre is being rediscovered, and playwrights are using some of its forms to develop indigenous modern Iranian theatre-- a melding of the deep past and dynamic present.
pageCount 340
printType BOOK
categories Performing Arts
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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