Flexible Parametric Survival Analysis using Stata

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Flexible Parametric Survival Analysis using Stata

Patrick Royston

ISBN10: 1597180793

ISBN13: 9881597181938

Flexible Parametric Survival Analysis using Stata

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Researchers wishing to fit regression models to survival data have long faced the difficult task of choosing between the Cox model and a parametric survival model, such as Weibull. Cox models are fit using Stata’s stcox command, and parametric models are fit using streg, which offers five parametric forms in addition to Weibull. While the Cox model makes minimal assumptions about the form of the baseline hazard function, prediction of hazards and other related functions for a given set of covariates is hindered by this lack of assumptions; the resulting estimated curves are not smooth and do not possess information about what occurs between the observed failure times. Parametric models offer nice, smooth predictions by assuming a functional form of the hazard, but often the assumed form is too structured for use with real data, especially if there exist significant changes in the shape of the hazard over time.

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title Flexible Parametric Survival Analysis Using Stata
subtitle Beyond the Cox Model
authors Patrick Royston
publisher Stata Press
publishedDate 2011-08-04
description Through real-world case studies, this book shows how to use Stata to estimate a class of flexible parametric survival models. It discusses the modeling of time-dependent and continuous covariates and looks at how relative survival can be used to measure mortality associated with a particular disease when the cause of death has not been recorded. The book describes simple quantification of differences between any two covariate patterns through calculation of time-dependent hazard ratios, hazard differences, and survival differences.
pageCount 339
printType BOOK
categories Mathematics
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en
canonicalVolumeLink https://books.google.com/books/about/Flexible_Parametric_Survival_Analysis_Us.html?hl=&id=OxmduAAACAAJ

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