Advances in Model-Based Predictive Control

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Advances in Model-Based Predictive Control

David Clarke

ISBN10: 0198562926

ISBN13: 978-0198562924

Advances in Model-Based Predictive Control

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title Advances in Model-based Predictive Control
authors David Clarke
publisher Oxford University Press on Demand
publishedDate 1994
description Model based predictive control (MBPC) is arguably the most important approach to the advance control of complex interacting industrial processes. Unique among modern theories, MBPC can handle real-time state and actuator constraints in a natural way, enabling plants to maximize their profits. In addition, the wide range of model structures, prediction horizons, and optimization criteria allows for tailor-made MBPC applications--whether they be for high-speed machine tools or large-scale industrial processes. This timely edited volume, based on a conference held at Oxford University and devoted exclusively to MBPC, brings the field up to date with the latest theoretical and practical advances. Topics include how MBPC is expanding to include variants in the basic themes (such as new prediction and optimization approaches, nonlinear models, and two-dimensional problems), general stabilization ideas for constrained plant, and unsolved problems in MBPC. This excellent volume is the introduction to the theory, current applications, and hot research areas in MBPC that students and professionals in control systems have been waiting for.
pageCount 535
printType BOOK
categories Predictive control.
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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