Minding Mind: A Course in Basic Meditation

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Minding Mind: A Course in Basic Meditation

ISBN10: 1590306856


Minding Mind: A Course in Basic Meditation

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title Minding Mind
subtitle A Course in Basic Meditation
authors Thomas Cleary
publisher Shambhala Publications
publishedDate 2009
description Some types of meditation are aimed at promoting a sense of confidence and well-being in everyday life, while other types focus on producing altered states of consciousness, transcending the world, or developing skills for serving other people. The instructions in this book focus on the highest type of all, “pure, clear meditation”: a state of true objectivity that enables the practitioner to use all the other types of meditation freely and consciously, without becoming fixated or obsessed. Minding Mind is based on traditional texts by renowned teachers from various Buddhist schools of China, Japan, and Korea.
pageCount 129
printType BOOK
categories Religion
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en
canonicalVolumeLink https://books.google.com/books/about/Minding_Mind.html?hl=&id=Dk-eZLd3VOIC

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