Distributed Application Programming in C++

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Distributed Application Programming in C++

Randall A. Maddox

ISBN10: 0130871338

ISBN13: 978-0130871336

Distributed Application Programming in C++

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title Distributed Application Programming in C++
authors Randall A. Maddox
publisher Prentice Hall
publishedDate 2000-01-01
description -- Industrial-strength code examples, strategies, and conventions for software engineering with C++ and UNIX/Linux. -- Make the most of advanced C++ features: powerful techniques, key tradeoffs. -- CD-ROM contains all of the book's real-world, enterprise-proven code! As software becomes increasingly distributed, high-quality infrastructure becomes ever more important. Precisely written, replete with advanced code examples, and based on Randall Maddox' extensive experience teaching advanced C++, this book gives working C++ developers the insights and sophisticated techniques they need to build superior software infrastructure. Maddox begins by introducing the context required to support a distributed Web application in a Unix environment. He then presents the utility classes that illustrate crucial design and implementation issues and serve as building blocks for a distributed software architecture. Coverage includes concrete data types, templates, containers, namespaces, error handling, and an automated solution for the hazards of dynamic memory allocation. Maddox reviews C++ program startup and memory usage in detail, laying the groundwork for a full of understanding of multiprocessing, multithreading, and interprocess communication. Unlike most advanced C++ books, Distributed Application Programming in C++ goes beyond coding, introducing superior strategies for enterprise software development. Maddox presents key design/implementation tradeoffs, managing source code organization, build-time issues, the run-time environment, and more. For all professional developers who want to master the use of advanced C++ features in real-world distributed applications.
pageCount 445
printType BOOK
categories Computers
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en
canonicalVolumeLink https://books.google.com/books/about/Distributed_Application_Programming_in_C.html?hl=&id=BHpGAAAAYAAJ

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