Audiology Workbook, Third Edition

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Audiology Workbook, Third Edition

Steven Kramer,‎ Larry H. Small

ISBN10: 1597569690

ISBN13: 978-1597569699

Audiology Workbook, Third Edition

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Audiology Workbook, Third Edition is a companion to the textbook, Audiology: Science to Practice, Third Edition, by Dr. Steven Kramer and Dr. David Brown. It also can serve as an appropriate supplement to any introductory audiology textbook or class lectures. The Workbook focuses on exercises and questions in hearing science and audiology principles and procedures that are beneficial for speech-language or audiology undergraduates and those beginning an AuD graduate program. It is also a great study resource for the Audiology Praxis Exam.

The third edition of the Audiology Workbook is composed of an abundance of questions and activities designed to reinforce students' knowledge of concepts and procedures that are, traditionally, difficult to master. There are questions and activities on properties of sound, such as drawing waveforms; calculating frequencies/periods, amplitudes, and phases; anatomy and physiology of the auditory and vestibular systems; and interpreting audiograms, speech tests, tympanograms, acoustic reflexes, and auditory brainstem responses. There are also questions to reinforce knowledge about hearing disorders, including an entire chapter on basic clinical cases. The activities are comprehensive and designed so that they may be solved with relatively short answers and useful for group discussion. Comprehensive answers are also included for each chapter.

The Audiology Workbook has been extensively revised from the previous edition. This edition updates, expands, and reorganizes material from previous editions but retains the features that worked well, including detailed answers for all of the exercises. More exercises have been added in traditionally difficult areas such as properties of sound, anatomy/physiolo

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