NEJM Clinical Problem Solving

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NEJM Clinical Problem Solving

Sanjay Saint (Author), Jeffrey Drazen (Author), Caren Solomon (Author)

ISBN10: 0071471626

ISBN13: 978-0071471626

NEJM Clinical Problem Solving

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Expert clinical problem-solving methods and guidance—from the editors and contributors of the New England Journal of Medicine

This invaluable resource from the New England Journal of Medicine expertly addresses methods and challenges in clinical diagnosis. Including the peer-reviewed content of the NEJM’s renowned “Clinical Problem Solving” feature, this powerful resource is packed with case discussions from both ambulatory and hospital practice.

Each Case Presentation reveals thought-provoking clinical and laboratory clues as the diagnostic considerations begin to emerge. Subsequent clinical detail and discussion and expert analysis add to the diagnostic picture until a final clinical diagnosis is reached.

New England Journal of Medicine: Clinical Problem-Solving features:

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title Clinical problem-solving
authors Sanjay Saint
publisher McGraw-Hill Professional
publishedDate 2006-05-09
description This reference compiles the past two years' "Clinical Problem Solving" features that have appeared in the "New England Journal of Medicine." Focusing on patient presentations as well as clinical laboratory clues, each case presented reveals a clinical diagnosis by a master clinician.
pageCount 282
printType BOOK
categories Education
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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