Destructive Trends in Mental Health

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Destructive Trends in Mental Health

Rogers H. Wright

ISBN10: 0415950864

ISBN13: 978-0415950862

Destructive Trends in Mental Health

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title Destructive Trends in Mental Health
subtitle The Well-intentioned Path to Harm
authors Rogers H. Wright
publisher Psychology Press
publishedDate 2005
description This book takes as its inspiration the assumption that the atmosphere of intellectual openness, scientific inquiry, aspiration towards diversity, and freedom from political pressure that once flourished in the American Psychological Association has been eclipsed by an "ultra-liberal agenda," in which voices of dissent, controversial points of view, and minority groups are intimidated, ridiculed and censored. Chapters written by established and revered practitioners explore these important issues within the contexts of social change, the ways in which mental health services providers view themselves and their products, and various economic factors that have affected healthcare cost structure and delivery. In short, this book is intended to help consumers, practitioners, and policy makers to become better educated about a variety of recent issues and trends that have significantly changed the mental health fields.
pageCount 346
printType BOOK
categories Psychology
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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