Derrida for Architects

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Derrida for Architects

Richard Coyne (Author)

ISBN10: 0415591791

ISBN13: 978-0415591799

Derrida for Architects

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Looking afresh at the implications of Jacques Derrida’s thinking for architecture, this book simplifies his ideas in a clear, concise way. Derrida‘s treatment of key philosophical texts has been labelled as "deconstruction," a term that resonates with architecture. Although his main focus is language, his thinking has been applied by architectural theorists widely.

As well as a review of Derrida’s interaction with architecture, this book is also a careful consideration of the implications of his thinking, particularly on the way architecture is practiced.

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title Derrida for Architects
authors Richard Coyne
publishedDate 2011
description This book looks afresh at the implications of Jacques Derrida's thinking for architecture. In some ways Derrida was recruited to legitimate and lend support to a particular mode of architectural experimentation in the 1980s and 90s known as Deconstruction. He was undoubtedly complicit in this adaptation of his own thinking, and his dialogue with architects and with architecture is part of the Derridean legacy. This book serves as a review of Derrida's interaction with architecture, but advances a more nuanced consideration of the implications of his thinking, paying particular attention to the way architecture is taught and practiced. This concise introduction is ideal for students and practitioners of architecture, providing an important overview of how Derrida's thinking fits into the constellation of influences that affect architecture.
pageCount 115
printType BOOK
categories Architecture
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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