Developing Business Strategies

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Developing Business Strategies

david aaker

ISBN10: 0471064114

ISBN13: 978-0471064114

Developing Business Strategies

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"Unquestionably the most comprehensive treatment available on the subject. I found this book unique in its capacity to benefit executives, planning staff, and students of strategy alike."
Robert L. Joss, Dean of the Graduate School of Business, Stanford University

A successful business strategy enables managers to provide organizational vision, monitor and understand a dynamic business environment, generate creative strategic options in response to environmental changes, and base every business effort on sustainable competitive advantages. Developing Business Strategies provides the knowledge and understanding needed to generate and implement such a strategy.

This fully revised and updated edition of David Aaker's highly influential strategic manual offers copious new information on important emerging business topics. Numerous new and revised sections cover such critical areas as the big idea, knowledge management, the customer as an active partner, creative thinking, distinguishing fads from trends, forecasting technologies, alliances, design as strategy, downstream business models, and more. Other important new features of this comprehensive guide include:

  • A new chapter on strategic positioning
  • Many new illustrative examples from B-to-B, high-tech, and the Internet
  • Increased focus on global leadership and global brand management
  • Using the Internet to develop and support business strategies

For managers who need to develop and implement effective, responsive business strategies that keep the organization competitive through changing business conditions, Developing Business Strategies, Sixth Edition is the way to go.

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title Developing Business Strategies
authors David A. Aaker
publisher John Wiley & Sons Incorporated
publishedDate 2001-08-27
description This is an updated revision of the fifth edition book on strategic planning, instructing managers on methods of company analysis and external analysis, that make possible the creation and implementation of strategies for growth, diversification, differentiation and global expansion.
pageCount 338
printType BOOK
categories Business & Economics
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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