Assisted Reproductive Technology

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Assisted Reproductive Technology

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Assisted Reproductive Technology

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title Assisted Reproductive Technology
subtitle Accomplishments and New Horizons
authors Christopher J. De Jonge
publisher Cambridge University Press
publishedDate 2002-07-11
description This insightful and thought-provoking 2002 collection of chapters describes the rapid advances that had revolutionised reproductive medicine in the years leading up to its publication. This transformation was the result of converging and overlapping developments in reproductive biology, molecular biology and genetics. These advances allied with remarkable technical developments pushed the boundaries of this discipline ever faster forward. This volume surveys this rapid expansion as it stood in 2002 and looks ahead at exciting prospects for the future that stand at the watershed between basic science and clinical application. From oogeneis and spermatogenesis, through to fertilisation, embryogenesis and cloning, this volume looks at scientific advances. Subsequent chapters focus on infertility and its diagnosis and treatment using the full armory of assisted reproductive technologies. A concluding section surveys the impact of these developments on the provision, regulation and financing of reproductive health care in the global community.
pageCount 431
printType BOOK
categories Health & Fitness
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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