Methods of structural safety

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Methods of structural safety

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Methods of structural safety

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title Methods of Structural Safety
authors H. O. Madsen
publisher Courier Corporation
publishedDate 2006
description Uncertainties about analytical models, fluctuations in loads, and variability of material properties contribute to the small but real probability of structure failures. This advanced engineering text describes methods developed to deal with stochastic aspects of structural behavior, providing a framework for evaluating, comparing, and combining stochastic effects. Starting with the general problem of consistent evaluation of the reliability of structures, the text proceeds to examination of the second-moment reliability index methods that describe failure in terms of one or more limit states. It presents first-order reliability methods for computation of failure probabilities for individual limit states and for systems; and it illustrates identification of the design parameters most affecting reliability. Additional subjects include a self-contained presentation of extreme-value theory and stochastic processes; stationary, evolutionary, and nonlinear aspects of stochastic response of structures; a stochastic approach to material fatigue damage and crack propagation; and stochastic models for several natural and manufactured loads.
pageCount 407
printType BOOK
categories Science
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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