Scale Development: Theory and Applications

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Scale Development: Theory and Applications

Robert F. DeVellis (Author)

ISBN10: 1412980445

ISBN13: 978-1412980449

Scale Development: Theory and Applications

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This book presents complex concepts in a way that helps students to understand the logic underlying the creation, use, and evaluation of measurement instruments and to develop a more intuitive feel for how scales work. Robert DeVellis demystifies measurement by relating it to familiar experiences and by emphasizing a conceptual rather than a strictly mathematical understanding. Students′ attention is drawn to important concepts that are foundational for subsequent topics, with opportunities provided to test understanding through chapter summaries and exercises.

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title Scale Development
subtitle Theory and Applications
authors Robert F. DeVellis
publisher SAGE Publications
publishedDate 2012
description A best-seller in its previous editions, Scale Development: Theory and Applications, Third Edition has been extensively updated and revised to address changes in the field and topics that have grown in importance. Widely adopted for graduate courses in departments such as Psychology, Public Health, Marketing, Nursing, and Education, this book will prove beneficial to applied researchers across the social sciences.
pageCount 205
printType BOOK
categories Social Science
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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