Teaching Mathematics as Storytelling

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Teaching Mathematics as Storytelling

Rina Zazkis (Author), Peter Liljedahl (Author)

ISBN10: 9087907338


Teaching Mathematics as Storytelling

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title Teaching Mathematics as Storytelling
authors Rina Zazkis
publisher Sense Pub
publishedDate 2008-12
description This book presents storytelling in mathematics as a medium for creating a classroom in which mathematics is appreciated, understood, and enjoyed. The authors demonstrate how students' mathematical activity can be engaged via storytelling. Readers are introduced to many mathematical stories of different kinds, such as stories that provide a frame or a background to mathematical problems, stories that deeply intertwine with the content, and stories that explain concepts or ideas. Moreover, the authors present a framework for creating new stories, ideas for using and enriching existing stories, as well as several techniques for storytelling that make telling more interactive and more appealing to the learner. This book is of interest for those who teach mathematics, or teach teachers to teach mathematics. It may be of interest to those who like stories or like mathematics, or those who dislike either mathematics or stories, but are ready to reconsider their position.
pageCount 152
printType BOOK
categories Education
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en
canonicalVolumeLink https://books.google.com/books/about/Teaching_Mathematics_as_Storytelling.html?hl=&id=S71oPgAACAAJ

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