Mcgregor on damages

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Mcgregor on damages

( James Edelman (general editor), Jason Varuhas (other), Simon Colton (other)

ISBN10: 0414064151

ISBN13: 978-0414064157

Mcgregor on damages

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A primary reference tool on the general principles and the particular aspects of common law damages, McGregor on Damages is the leading authority on damages. As part of the Common Law Library, McGregor on Damages provides in-depth and comprehensive coverage of the law, from detailed consideration of the general principles to a full analysis of specific areas of damages. The 20th edition contains a number of significant new features: A new chapter on account of profits/disgorgement damages and an almost complete rewrite of the chapter on restitutionary damages. These are two types of gain-based damages remedy which are often neglected and commonly misunderstood. A new chapter on damages for breach of court undertakings including undertakings given in order to secure an injunction Increased coverage of monetary awards in equity. This is an area which saw greater alignment with common law damages in the Supreme Court decision in AIB Group (UK) Plc v Mark Redler & Co Solicitors [2014] UKSC 58; [2014] 3 WLR 1367 Comprehensive treatment of major new decisions of the Supreme Court including: Cavendish Square Holdings v Makdessi and ParkingEye Ltd v Beavis [2015] UKSC 67; [2015] 3 WLR 1373 (penalties); Globalia Business Travel SAU v Fulton Shipping Inc of Panama [2017] UKSC 43 (mitigation); BPE Solicitors v Hughes-Holland [2017] UKSC 21 (negligent advice, causation and remoteness of damage); International Energy Group Ltd v Zurich Insurance Plc UK [2015] UKSC 33 (causation of loss); Lowick Rose LLP v Swynson Ltd [2017] UKSC 32 (avoided loss); Knauer (Widower and Administrator of the Estate of Sally Ann Knauer) (Appellant) v Ministry of Justice (Respondent) [2016] UKSC 9 (calculation of multipliers after date of death); Jackson v Murray [2015] UKSC 5 (contributory negligence); Bunge SA v Nidera BV [2015] UKSC 43 (time of assessment and agreed damages clauses) Discussion and explanation of significant developments in the Court of Appeal and High Court in relation to damages for personal injuries, professional negligence, breach of privacy and misuse of private information, consequential loss clauses, pure economic loss, aggravated damages, vindicatory damages and many more.

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