Wordplay and Translation: Special Issue of 'The Translator' 2/2 1996 (Translator S)

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Wordplay and Translation: Special Issue of 'The Translator' 2/2 1996 (Translator S)

Rachel Weissbrod (Author),‎ Dirk Delabastita (Editor)

ISBN10: 1900650010

ISBN13: 978-1900650014

Wordplay and Translation: Special Issue of 'The Translator' 2/2 1996 (Translator S)

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Extended Special Issue

Spik in Glyph? Translation, Wordplay and Resistance in Chicano Poetry, pp 141-160 Tace Hedrick (Comparative Literature, Penn State Harrisburg, USA)This paper examines the nature of contemporary bilingual Chicano poetry from the 1970s to the present, particularly in terms of the poetic use of bilingual wordplay and the questions it raises about the uses and possibilities of translation. Using Walter Benjamin's essay 'The Task of the Translator' as a touchstone, and positing a metaphorical link between translation and transfer, the paper looks at bilingual wordplay as a kind of bridging-over or translation of one language into the other, crossing and breaking down borders and hierarchies between the two languages. To illustrate this, cultural practices and uses of bilingualism are examined from both a sociolinguistic and a poetic point of view, with examples of how puns, (mis)pronunciations, slang, loanwords, and mixtures of Spanish and English are used in bilingual poetry for formal and polemical effect.


Meaningful Literary Names:Their Forms and Functions, and their Translation, pp 161-178 Luca Manini (Montalto, Italy)Proper nouns, which have a special status within the language system as opposed to common nouns, can be used as characterizing devices in literary texts and so become a meaningful element in the texture of such works. Names can in this way be endowed with an extra semantic load that makes them border on wordplay. The presence of meaningful literary names is likely to cause problems when the text is to be translated, the question being not only whether the transposition of such names in the target language is technically possible, but also to what extent this would be viewed as an appropriate procedure. This paper, which reflects research in progress, explores the issue by analyzing a two-part corpus of texts: The first part consists of twentieth-century Italian translations of English Restoration comedies and

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title Wordplay and Translation
subtitle Special Issue Dedicated to the Memory of André Lefevere (1945-1996)
authors Dirk Delabastita
publishedDate 1996
pageCount 227
printType BOOK
categories Intercultural communication
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en
canonicalVolumeLink https://books.google.com/books/about/Wordplay_and_Translation.html?hl=&id=IZRLmgEACAAJ

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