Audiology in Developing Countries

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Audiology in Developing Countries

Bradley, Mcpherson, Ron Brouillette

ISBN10: 160456945X

ISBN13: 978-1604569452

Audiology in Developing Countries

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title Audiology in Developing Countries
authors Bradley McPherson
publisher Nova Science Pub Incorporated
publishedDate 2008
description This book addresses the issue of challenges in audiology for developing countries. It gives the professional reader a clear overview of the specific challenges involved in hearing health care in developing nations and the ways in which these challenges can be met. Another of the key hearing health care advances of the past twenty years has been the introduction of universal systems for new-born hearing screening. Such programs are proliferating all over the developed world; but are those in the developing world any less needy? What is happening there? Of course, one of the most significant advances of the last twenty years is the growth, expansion and recognition of the profession of audiology all over the world. With that change came an appreciation for the significant contribution audiology makes to improving hearing health care. This book will have an impact on the lives of many disabled individuals.
pageCount 254
printType BOOK
categories Medical
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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