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tanden revolution

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title Tanden Revolution
subtitle Gut-Force Mining and Sealing the ARC
authors S. Meredith
publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
publishedDate 2018-01-24
description TANDEN REVOLUTION teaches the details of internal power conditioning for the lower abdomen, the traditional source and storehouse of human spiritual, combative, and healing energy. The nature of tanden (Chinese: dantian) power is explained; the difficulties in beginning to feel and cultivate it are unpacked and overcome. Numerous practical drills are provided that will enable any average person to cultivate and deploy tanden energy within a larger whole-body internal power framework. The training protocols and usage cases for traditional Tanden power demonstrations are clearly laid out. Please read ALL reviews of ALL my previous books before deciding whether this book is likely to be of value for your personal training goals and relevant to your particular interests. The following topics and drills are covered: Introduction Gut-Force Mining The Tanden Activation Protocol (TAP) The Hard Wave Feeling the Tanden Spot Posture, Principles, and Practice Natural Perpendicular Protocol Hard Wave Perpendicular Protocol BUBBLE Breathing Perpendicular Protocol Weighted Perpendicular Protocol Advanced Yogic Protocol The Gut-Toss Protocol The Point of the TAP Sealing the ARC The Hand Infusion Protocol (HIP) The 3 HIP Power Zones Chopsticks Descending Dragon Eye Wheel Sleeving the Legs Push The Go-No-Sen Framework The Limit
pageCount 116
printType BOOK
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en
canonicalVolumeLink https://books.google.com/books/about/Tanden_Revolution.html?hl=&id=AFatswEACAAJ

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