Assholes Forever (The Asshole Saga, Volume 2)

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Assholes Forever (The Asshole Saga, Volume 2)

Xavier Crement

ISBN10: 0898048079

ISBN13: 978-0898048070

Assholes Forever (The Asshole Saga, Volume 2)

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Dr. Crement examines the most serious and contagious types of assholism, including the bully asshole, the know-it-all asshole, the whining asshole, the mule asshole, the sucking asshole, the slimy asshole, the festering asshole, and the victim asshole. He then goes on to describe "cosmic assholes"--people who believe they are on a mission to share assholism with all of the rest of us: politically correct assholes, green assholes, assholes who hate too much, and free lunch assholes.

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title Assholes Forever
subtitle How to Spot 'Em, How to Stop 'Em
authors Xavier Crement
publisher Enthea Press
publishedDate 1991-10-01
description The immense popularity of Dr. Crement's first book, A**hole No More, has led him to write a sequel on the subject, A**holes Forever. In this new book, Dr. Crement examines those sad cases in which the disease of assholism has become so severe that there is seemingly no cure for it. These are people who have chosen to be assholes forever. Dr. Crement laments that even though the cure for assholism is now well known -- thanks to A**hole No More -- there are people who refuse to recognize their chronic assholism as a disease and seek help. Dr. Crement lists the types of people and groups most prone to being assholes forever, documenting the tricks they use to take advantage of everyone else -- and explains what to do to spot 'em and to stop 'em.
pageCount 192
printType BOOK
categories Humor
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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