Henri Bergson Paperback – August 28, 2015

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Henri Bergson Paperback – August 28, 2015

ISBN10: 0822359359


Henri Bergson Paperback – August 28, 2015

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title Henri Bergson
authors Vladimir Jankélévitch
publisher Duke University Press Books
publishedDate 2015-08-28
description Appearing here in English for the first time, Vladimir Jankélévitch's Henri Bergson is one of the two great commentaries written on Henri Bergson. Gilles Deleuze's Bergsonism renewed interest in the great French philosopher but failed to consider Bergson's experiential and religious perspectives. Here Jankélévitch covers all aspects of Bergson's thought, emphasizing the concepts of time and duration, memory, evolution, simplicity, love, and joy. A friend of Bergson's, Jankélévitch first published this book in 1931 and revised it in 1959 to treat Bergson's later works. This unabridged translation of the 1959 edition includes an editor's introduction, which contextualizes and outlines Jankélévitch's reading of Bergson, additional essays on Bergson by Jankélévitch, and Bergson's letters to Jankélévitch.
pageCount 350
printType BOOK
categories Philosophy
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en
canonicalVolumeLink https://books.google.com/books/about/Henri_Bergson.html?hl=&id=MEXZoQEACAAJ

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