Age Difference Relationships: When Is the Gap Insurmountable?

buy book  Age Difference Relationships: When Is the Gap Insurmountable?

Age Difference Relationships: When Is the Gap Insurmountable?

wayne mitchell, tamara mitchell

ISBN10: 1948158043

ISBN13: ‎978-1948158046

Age Difference Relationships: When Is the Gap Insurmountable?

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title Age Difference Relationships
subtitle When Is the Gap Insurmountable?
authors Wayne Mitchell
publishedDate 2020-10-03
description You can't always help who you fall in love with, and sometimes, that person may be older or younger. In Age Difference Relationships: When Is the Gap Insurmountable, authors and relationship columnists Wayne and Tamara Mitchell draw on over 20 years of providing life-changing relationship advice. When you start dating someone new, there is a list of things you must consider: attraction, personality, values. Still, the one thing you may have overlooked is, what if there is an age difference? Studies have shown that over 75% of married couples are within 5 years of each other, so there are important things to consider when entering an age-gap relationship. Wayne and Tamara provide many case studies and letters from people who are in your situation to provide you with experience and inspiration for making your relationship work. Through these case histories, you will experience what we all experience, our awakening from crushes and infatuation to true love and relationship success. In this influential age gap relationship book, you will learn: Is age really just a number when it comes to relationships? How to deal with scrutiny from others, especially your family and friends. It can be especially tough for young women dating older men to tell their parents about their new boyfriend The 3 most important principles essential to an age gap romance The most important issues an age gap couple needs to address together "I found the book up-lifting. That is, reading it made me feel encouraged and happy -- it lifted my heart." - Reader Review "Your three principles are golden. They are not only applicable in case of age, but as a general must-have for all relationships." - Reader Review
pageCount 214
printType BOOK
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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