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title Properties of Petroleum Fluids
authors William McCain
publishedDate 2017
description Petroleum can exist as either a liquid or a gas, either in the reservoir or on the trip to the surface. These properties are the basis for the chemistry of petroleum. This long-awaited new edition to William D. McCain's acclaimed text expands on the various compounds of this essential hydrocarbon. It includes new chapters on petroleum gas condensates and volatile oils, while the discussion on oilfield waters is extended. A vital resource for petroleum engineering students, The Properties of Petroleum Fluids, third edition, is equally useful as a reference for practicing engineers. New Features: - Two new chapters on gas condensates - A new chapter on volatile oils - A simplified explanation of phase behavior and an extended discussion of oilfield waters - An expanded review of the components of petroleum and the methods of determining its composition
pageCount 592
printType BOOK
categories Natural gas
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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