Death on the Installment Plan (ND Paperbook)

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Death on the Installment Plan (ND Paperbook)

ISBN10: 0811200175


Death on the Installment Plan (ND Paperbook)

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title Death on the Installment Plan
authors Louis-Ferdinand C'Line
publisher New Directions Publishing
publishedDate 1966
description Death on the Installment Plan is the story of young Ferdinand's first 18 years. His life is one of hatred, of the grinding struggle of small shopkeepers to survive, of childhood sensations and fantasies - lusty, scatological, violent, but also poetic. There is a running battle with his ineffectual insurance clerk of a father, with his mother, who lives and whines around the junkshop she runs for the boys benefit; there is also the superbly funny Meanwell College in England, where the boy went briefly, a Dickensian, nightmare institution. Always there is humiliation, failure, and boredom, at least until he teams up with the "scientist" des Pereires. This inventor, con-man, incorrigible optimist - whose last project is to grow enormous potatoes by electricity - rescues him, if only temporarily; for the reader he is one of the most lovable charlatans in French literature.
pageCount 592
printType BOOK
categories Fiction
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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