Arrhythmias in Children: A Case-Based Approach

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Arrhythmias in Children: A Case-Based Approach

by Vincent C. Thomas MD MHA (Author), Seshadri Balaji MBBS MRCP (UK) PhD (Author)

ISBN10: 0323779077

ISBN13: 978-0323779074

Arrhythmias in Children: A Case-Based Approach

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title Arrhythmias in Children
subtitle A Case-Based Approach
authors Vincent C. Thomas, MD, MHA
publisher Elsevier
publishedDate 2021-04-15
description Pediatric arrhythmias present numerous challenges to pediatric cardiologists and other practitioners who see pediatric patients, including pediatricians, family physicians, emergency physicians, residents, fellows, and other clinicians. Arrhythmias in Children: A Case-Based Approach features practical methods for diagnosing and treating arrhythmias in these patients across all settings. Nearly three dozen real-world scenarios are presented, followed by a discussion of the diagnosis, clinical thinking process involved, treatment options, expected outcomes, and how to manage anticipated and unanticipated outcomes. These practical, realistic cases provide a unique and engaging way of approaching these challenging patient scenarios. Uses a case-based approach for a full spectrum of pediatric arrythmias in the newborn, child, pre-teen, and teenager. Presents history and physical, differential diagnoses, tests to order, and practical plans of action. Includes a section on arrythmias in special circumstances. Models clinical thinking skills for a wide number of real-world patient situations. Reviews pertinent clinical guidelines, treatment, and follow up.
pageCount 180
printType BOOK
categories Medical
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language un

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