Parking Structures (Construction and Design Manual)

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Parking Structures (Construction and Design Manual)

ISBN10: 3938666951


Parking Structures (Construction and Design Manual)

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title Parking Structures
authors Ilja Irmscher
publisher Dom Pub
publishedDate 2012-12-03
description Although above and underground car parks only fulfil the must-have incidental purpose of access by individual vehicles, their construction has to be of high quality, and of course without any defects. For many buildings, underground car parks form the foundations for the entire bearing structure, and for public buildings they are often the entrance area. However, car parks are often only taken into account in the planning process too late and with insufficient specialist expertise. This manual describes state-of-the-art structural design for car parks. In so doing, it extrapolates on best practices in the industry and is based on German and European standards. The experienced team of authors who worked with Ilja Irmscher, have set out a universally applicable method and key tools that aim to create user-friendly, cost-efficient and functional car parks.
pageCount 550
printType BOOK
categories Architecture
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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