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title Free Yourself from Ocd: Cbt-Based Strategies to Manage Intrusive Thoughts and Compulsive Behaviors
authors Jonah Lakin
publisher Rockridge Press
publishedDate 2020-08-11
description Practical, proven strategies to break free from the symptoms of OCD People with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) often experience an overwhelming cycle of intrusive thoughts and compulsive behaviors. Free Yourself from OCD is your guide to simple, effective, therapy-based techniques that help you find relief and take back your life. Explore user-friendly strategies that have been clinically proven to help people dealing with OCD. This book will teach you how to better understand and manage your OCD through exercises like identifying problematic thoughts and behaviors, overcoming intrusive urges, and staying focused and resilient. Free Yourself from OCD features: Evidence-based exercises--Learn specific coping techniques that use exposure and response prevention therapy and mindfulness-based cognitive behavioral therapy. Real examples--Read anecdotes and case studies based on real people with OCD, so you can see for yourself how the exercises work. For everyone--These practical, evidence-based strategies and techniques range the entire spectrum of OCD, so you can find expert advice for the symptoms that affect you most. Help end the cycle of OCD with advice and exercises for living more peacefully.
pageCount 152
printType BOOK
categories Psychology
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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