Taking God Seriously

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Taking God Seriously

Brian Davies

ISBN10: 1108792197

ISBN13: 978-1108792196

Taking God Seriously

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title Taking God Seriously
subtitle Two Different Voices
authors Brian Davies
publisher Cambridge University Press
publishedDate 2021-02-18
description Is debate on issues related to faith and reason still possible when dialogue between believers and non-believers has collapsed? Taking God Seriously not only proves that it is possible, but also demonstrates that such dialogue produces fruitful results. Here, Brian Davies, a Dominican priest and leading scholar of Thomas Aquinas, and Michael Ruse, a philosopher of science and well-known non-believer, offer an extended discussion on the nature and plausibility of belief in God and Christianity. They explore key topics in the study of religion, notably the nature of faith, the place of reason in discussions about religion, proofs for the existence of God, the problem of evil, and the problem of multiple competing religious systems, as well as the core concepts of Christian belief including the Trinity and the justification of morality. Written in a jargon-free manner, avoiding the extremes of evangelical literalism and New Atheism prejudice, Taking God Seriously does not compromise integrity or shy from discussing important or difficult issues.
pageCount 300
printType BOOK
categories Religion
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en
canonicalVolumeLink https://books.google.com/books/about/Taking_God_Seriously.html?hl=&id=QKeUzQEACAAJ

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