Systems Engineering of Phased Arrays

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Systems Engineering of Phased Arrays

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Systems Engineering of Phased Arrays

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title Systems Engineering of Phased Arrays
authors Rick Sturdivant
publisher Artech House Publishers
publishedDate 2018-11-30
description Phased arrays, while traditionally used in radar systems, are now being used or proposed for use in internet of things (IoT) networks, high-speed back haul communication, terabit-per-second satellite systems, 5G mobile networks, and mobile phones. This book considers systems engineering of phased arrays and addresses not only radar, but also these modern applications. It presents a system-level perspective and approach that is essential for the successful development of modern phased arrays. Using practical examples, this book helps solve problems often encountered by technical professionals. Thermal management challenges, antenna element design issues, and architectures solutions are explored as well as the benefits and challenges of digital beam forming. This book provides the information required to train engineers to design and develop phased arrays and contains questions at the end of each chapter that professors will find useful for instruction.
pageCount 300
printType BOOK
categories Technology & Engineering
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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