Fundamentals of Sport Marketing

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Fundamentals of Sport Marketing

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Fundamentals of Sport Marketing

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title Fundamentals of Sport Marketing
authors Brenda G. Pitts
publisher Fitness Information Technology
publishedDate 2013-01-01
description "Fundamentals of Sport Marketing" has long been the premier textbook in its field, and this updated, expanded fourth edition once again delivers superior content for aspiring sport marketers. As the most contemporary, comprehensive text of its kind, Fundamentals of Sport Marketing, 4th Edition, is a must-have resource for current data, trends, and concepts critical to success in the ever-changing world of sport. Students just beginning to explore their options in the sporting industry will gain a firm foundational understanding of sport marketing principles and strategies. As they explore the text, they will encounter a broad range of topics, including in-depth analyses of marketing mix components, media relations in sport, and use of licensing and logos in the sport industry. A brand-new chapter covers social media and its increasing impact on sport marketing. The authors, Dr Brenda Pitts and Dr David K Stotlar are internationally well-known experts in the sport industry. Their extensive experience both consulting and working in the field allows them to share their unique insights with the newest generation of sport marketers.
pageCount 470
printType BOOK
categories Sports
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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