Building Automation Integration with Open Protocols

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Building Automation Integration with Open Protocols

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ISBN10: 0826920128

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Building Automation Integration with Open Protocols

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title Building Automation
subtitle System Integration with Open Protocols
authors Njatc
publisher Ohio University Center for International Studies
publishedDate 2009
description Advanced building automation technologies include a decision-making ability within the individual control devices, which are linked by a common data communication protocol that governs the electronic signals passed between devices to ensure that they are all speaking the same language. If the structure of the protocol language is available to all manufacturers so that they can produce and market compatible control devices, then it is known as an open protocol. Building Automation: System Integration with Open Protocols is the second book in a two-book series on building automation. The first book, Building Automation: Control Devices and Applications, addresses the basic functions of building systems and how devices are used to monitor and control these systems. This second book introduces the concepts of intelligent devices, automated control, and network communication using open protocols. The two primary protocols for wired networks, LonWorks® and BACnet®, are described in detail, including information about their communication methods, information architecture, configuration, operation, and troubleshooting. Building Automation: System Integration with Open Protocols provides a foundation of control concepts and network data communication in the first three chapters. After the LonWorks and BACnet sections, the final three chapters offer capstone coverage of previous chapter concepts and their relationships. The System Integration chapter includes a series of applications that illustrate the design, installation, and configuration of each protocol in various scenarios. Applications highlight the implementation differences between the protocols in different situations. The Cross-Protocol Integration chapter discusses the future of building automation, such as greater capabilities in system control and new technologies in network communication and protocol languages.
pageCount 408
printType BOOK
categories Education
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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