Fixing Performance Management: How to develop

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Fixing Performance Management: How to develop

ISBN10: 1978402007


Fixing Performance Management: How to develop

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title Fixing Performance Management
subtitle How to Develop and Use Kpis and Appraisals to Manage Your Team
authors Andreas Petrou
publisher Createspace Independent Publishing Platform
publishedDate 2017-10-27
description Performance management is one of the most important practices in any organization, yet studies show that on average over 50% of line managers and employees disengage from key performance management activities. Why is this happening? And what should senior managers and line managers do to make performance management more meaningful? From my experience as an academic and management consultant, I concluded that there is a more productive way of managing performance than running annual performance appraisals and corporate KPI target allocations in isolation. The book proposes a performance management framework that integrates and enhances this traditional performance management practice. This book is a valuable tool box for line managers and employees who wish to develop the skills required to take a more active and productive role in performance management. Line managers should learn how to identify and use value-adding KPIs to manage their team as well as manage employee appraisals more effectively. Employees should understand how to identify suitable KPIs for themselves and how to become valuable team players. Moreover, senior managers should understand how to adopt this proposed framework and the supporting policies, resources and processes throughout the organization.
pageCount 282
printType BOOK
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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