Deliberate Practice in Emotion-Focused Therapy

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Deliberate Practice in Emotion-Focused Therapy

ISBN10: 1433832852


Deliberate Practice in Emotion-Focused Therapy

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title Deliberate Practice in Emotion-Focused Therapy
authors Rhonda N. Goldman
publisher American Psychological Association (APA)
publishedDate 2020-11-10
description This book presents deliberate practice exercises to help students, trainees, and clinicians practice fundamental skills in emotion-focused therapy (EFT) so that they can be prepared for common clinical encounters. Deliberate practice is a rigorous training method that involves repeated behavioral rehearsal and stimulation-based learning therapy techniques. The exercises in this book consist of a series of role-playing scenarios in which two trainees act as a client and a therapist, switching back and forth under the guidance of a supervisor. Instructions guide all three participants through the application of specific EFT techniques and interpersonal skills, such as responding empathically to clients, building therapist self-awareness, and repairing relationship ruptures. Sample client statements and therapist responses, organized by difficulty from beginner to advanced levels, highlight common therapeutic interactions. They also provide the opportunity for creative and natural responses that allow therapists to hone their own style and ensure more optimal outcomes for clients.
pageCount 123
printType BOOK
categories Psychology
maturityRating NOT_MATURE
language en

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